Guide To Concealer Wardrobing 

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The Ultimate Guide to Concealer Wardrobing – MissEmilyMarie

The Ultimate Guide to Concealer Wardrobing


My Make-Up Wishlist

My birthday is coming pretty soon! (March 22) I plan to get some new makeup and today I wanted to share with you those products I am wishing for! I am really excited to get these because that means more reviews for you all! Pictures of all products will be at the end of this post. Also, you can click the pink text for a link to the products!

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Concealer Face-Off | Instant Age Rewind vs. Lumi Touch Review

Today I am going to be doing a different type of post. This is going to be my new series called “Beauty Face-Off”. Every post I will be comparing 2 similar products and give you my review of them along the way. Sadly, only 1 will rise to the top and be the winner. Today, we are testing out 2 Maybelline concealers. They are similar but at the same time different. If you want to find out the winner then, keep reading!

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Coffee Scrub Review | Spruce & Fresh

 I recently received this new scrub from the brand Spruce & Fresh.  I love any skincare products that will soften my skin or defeat the dryness. If you are interested in this product I will leave links down below. This scrub cost $16.

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Everyday Makeup Routine

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 8.40.07 PM

Makeup makes me feel like I am painting my face — that sounds weird but it’s true 😉 I love sharing new products and trick with you all. So, today I am going to tell you the new items I am using and tricks I have to make your makeup routine easier too!

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January Favorites 2016

I have been loving a lot of different products this month. Trying new things out is super fun and can really open my eyes to different brands. Keep reading to see what I have been loving during the month of January. I will also include links so you can purchase these and tell me what you think of them!

Starting with the MakeUp Eraser, it has been a real life saver. I received this for Christmas and have been using it since. From the first time I tried it I feel in love. Compared to a normal makeup remover wipe it blows it away. Makeup wipes are harsh on my skin and leave a sticky feeling. With the cloth it leaves my skin refreshed and clean!

makeup eraser

I have talked about this brand on my blog before. I even have a review on it, click here to see a review and demo. I use these brow products every day and I love them! The brush and powder are the perfect duo.

Billion Dollar Brow Kit

I just recently started using this again. I received this highlighter from a summer Ipsy bag. The shade “Bliss” is so beautiful and shines so pretty on the skin.

Bliss Highlighter/Eyeshadow

My last favorite is this face mask that I also got from an Ipsy bag. I have just started using it and I am in love! From the first time I used it my skin felt soft and hydrated afterwards. It is great for the skin and it only needs to stay on for about 15-30 minutes. Read here to see how I incorporate it into my daily skincare routine.

OZ Naturals Hydrating Mask