Guide To Inexpensive Watercoloring | Low Budget Supplies


I just started getting into watercoloring but, before I started I did my research on supplies. Turns out they are all pretty expensive and I wasn’t about to pay big bucks just to start out. Today I’m going ti share with you my tips on starting to watercolor.

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My Cozy Corner Tour | Room Tour


I love this section of this room! This room is an extra room that was next to my bedroom so, I transformed it into a office, closet, hang out, and filming room for myself. My favorite part of this room is the “cozy corner”. Today I thought I would share this area with you all. After all, this is where  spend most of my time blogging!

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DIY 1.4.3 Bracelet | Valentines Day Gift Idea


I have seen this bracelet online for a really long time now and have wanted it for so long! This bracelet has a secret message of “I Love You” — 1.4.3 — with the gold beads. I love the simple colors and the fact you can give this as a gift to anyone you love! The one thing  I don’t like about this bracelet is the price. If you would like to see it on the website click here. I am going to recreate this bracelet for way less than that! The supplies are inexpensive and the result is super cute! Keep reading to make this adorable bracelet!

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Night Time Skincare Routine | Healthy Skin Tricks

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One of my goals this season is to be more involved in my skin care routine. Having a healthy skincare routine is great for the mind and body. I love going to bed at night with the feeling of a refreshed face. Below I am going to share what I use at night and also share some tips along the way. Let’s get into clean skin!

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About Me, Emily

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Hello! My name is Emily, welcome to my blog ❤ I’m a young blogger and youtuber. I love makeup, shopping, photography, my dogs, Starbucks and fashion. Also a pretty determined runner. Most of my day consists of blogging, Instagram, and Tumblr!

MissEmilyMarie is a blog all about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. I created this blog to show my love of these things to other women and girls who share the same love as me. New posts come out daily and include, reviews, tips, diys, my photos, outfit ideas and more! Basically just most things that inspire me and hopefully you too!

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How to Stay Motivated | New Years Resolution


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 Resolutions can be hard so I have found some ways to keep you motivated towards your goal! In this post I will give you some tips and tricks. Also some websites and apps to for the New Year, New You! ;p

Post-It Note Flags

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If you have a hard time reminding your self of your goal or just want to track how well you are doing with your goal this is a super easy way. All you have to get are some post-it flags and write the dates of the month on them. You can stick all of them somewhere you will see them. I recommend to put it on a wall close to your desk or by your door. Once you accomplish your goal for that day you can take down the corresponding flag of that day. At the end of the month you can see how many flags are left and those are the days you didn’t accomplish your goal. You choose what happens from there!

Food Reminder

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A easy way to get a little more motivation in the morning is to write notes on your breakfast. You can take a post-it and put it on a food you plan to eat. What I did was write fun notes on a post-it and put it on yogurt! You can do this with any food and write any note!

Vision Board

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This was in one of my previous posts! A motivational board is so personable and fun. You can choose to put up quotes, pictures, or even magazine clippings. Anything that motivates you to your goal is great! I put up pictures that inspire me on a cork-board above my desk! If you make one of these send a picture to me on my Instagram or tag me in it! @cafes.couture

Money Jar

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Lets face it. If you have lost all of your motivation $$$ will change it. You can simply get a jar and every time you accomplish your goal put $1 (or whatever amount you would like) in the jar. Save up for something new to motivate you and only spend that money on your you set your goal to. In my case I would love new shoes so I set my goal to that and it has motivated me to accomplish my goal more now! What would you save up for?

Water Tracking Water Bottle


These water bottles are super cute and they help you track your water intake. The times help you easily drink the right amount through the day. You also make your own tracking water bottle with wash tape and writing the times on the tape. Make sure you water bottle is clear so you can see the water through it.

So those are my tips to make this year a great one! I hope you enjoyed!

Phone Wallpaper


We are on our phones or tablets or even laptops and the wallpaper is the first thing we normally see. If you have a more motivational one it will make you motivated towards your goal a little more. I will link some great ones down below. You can also look some up on Pinterest!

Here are some for a desktop: