Guide To Concealer Wardrobing 

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The Ultimate Guide to Concealer Wardrobing – MissEmilyMarie

The Ultimate Guide to Concealer Wardrobing


Concealer Face-Off | Instant Age Rewind vs. Lumi Touch Review

Today I am going to be doing a different type of post. This is going to be my new series called “Beauty Face-Off”. Every post I will be comparing 2 similar products and give you my review of them along the way. Sadly, only 1 will rise to the top and be the winner. Today, we are testing out 2 Maybelline concealers. They are similar but at the same time different. If you want to find out the winner then, keep reading!

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Everyday Makeup Routine

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Makeup makes me feel like I am painting my face — that sounds weird but it’s true 😉 I love sharing new products and trick with you all. So, today I am going to tell you the new items I am using and tricks I have to make your makeup routine easier too!

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