DIY 1.4.3 Bracelet | Valentines Day Gift Idea


I have seen this bracelet online for a really long time now and have wanted it for so long! This bracelet has a secret message of “I Love You” — 1.4.3 — with the gold beads. I love the simple colors and the fact you can give this as a gift to anyone you love! The one thing  I don’t like about this bracelet is the price. If you would like to see it on the website click here. I am going to recreate this bracelet for way less than that! The supplies are inexpensive and the result is super cute! Keep reading to make this adorable bracelet!

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2016 Winter Trends To Try

In the New Year I never really set a resolution for myself. Half way into January I have though of one that I really like. Fashion is one of my favorite things so, I revolved my resolution around it. My resolution is just to try more fashion trends but, really create my own style and dress how I want. So in this post I am going to show you some of my style trends I want to try out for the winter season. I will also do this for all the other seasons throughout the year. As I accomplish trying these out I will share them here with all of you! Hope you enjoy this new post:

Knitted Layers

layering weaters

This one looks like a super fun way to layer some of your favorite knits!



Layered Dress


I am all about being warm and when you have a tank top dress its hard to wear it in the winter. Wearing a long sleeve underneath is cuter than I thought!


Dainty jewelry is my weakness. I would love to have an arm full of them 😉

Sporty & Cute


Mixing dainty and sporty never looked so cute!


Those are all of my Winter Style Resolutions! I hope you guys enjoyed them and maybe you would like to join along in these!