Guide To Concealer Wardrobing 

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The Ultimate Guide to Concealer Wardrobing – MissEmilyMarie

The Ultimate Guide to Concealer Wardrobing


How To Save Chapped Lips


There isn’t anything worse than going to apply your favorite lipsticks and realizing the dry state of your lips. Trust me we all have been there and possibly still are there. Well, that is most likely why you are reading this post, anyway. Let’s get into my top tips and products for un-chapped lips.

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Exciting Announcement! | A Message To All My Followers (Please Read)

This was such an amazing opportunity! A while back Elena from Blogerize contacted me after seeing my blog. She wanted to help me create a new blog look. Together she and her design team made a beautiful theme for my blog and helped me set up my own domain. Don’t forget to subscribe to my new blog, as I won’t be posting on this blog anymore. You can see below what my new blog looks like. Or, you can click this link,, to see it live. Also, if you are a blogger who needs help with setting up a blog and get a custom theme I recommend trying Blogerize! Elena was so amazing and she replied back to all my emails very fast. She made the process so easy and captured exactly what I wanted in a blog theme into my blog! Click here to check out their website.

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My Make-Up Wishlist

My birthday is coming pretty soon! (March 22) I plan to get some new makeup and today I wanted to share with you those products I am wishing for! I am really excited to get these because that means more reviews for you all! Pictures of all products will be at the end of this post. Also, you can click the pink text for a link to the products!

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My Cozy Corner Tour | Room Tour


I love this section of this room! This room is an extra room that was next to my bedroom so, I transformed it into a office, closet, hang out, and filming room for myself. My favorite part of this room is the “cozy corner”. Today I thought I would share this area with you all. After all, this is where ¬†spend most of my time blogging!

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Concealer Face-Off | Instant Age Rewind vs. Lumi Touch Review

Today I am going to be doing a different type of post. This is going to be my new series called “Beauty Face-Off”. Every post I will be comparing 2 similar products and give you my review of them along the way. Sadly, only 1 will rise to the top and be the winner. Today, we are testing out 2 Maybelline concealers. They are similar but at the same time different. If you want to find out the winner then, keep reading!

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