Guide To Inexpensive Watercoloring | Low Budget Supplies


I just started getting into watercoloring but, before I started I did my research on supplies. Turns out they are all pretty expensive and I wasn’t about to pay big bucks just to start out. Today I’m going ti share with you my tips on starting to watercolor.

Before I bought any supplies I researched on how water color works and watched some YouTube videos of some people’s drawings just to get the hang of the technique.

I went to my local drugstore to find what I need. The most important part, watercolors. You don’t have to have the best quality when starting out. If you can, try to get the Crayola watercolors. They are very inexpensive and they always have great colors. Crayola Washable Watercolors, 24 count (53-0524) is a set I found on Amazon. My set was only $2 and was a random brand. HELPFUL HINT: The colors you see originally in the palette are not what show up once you add water and use them. 


Next, brushes. I would’t use the brush that comes with the set of watercolors just because they are always very stiff and they won’t be soft and gentle. You can get a cheap paintbrush set from your local craft store for cheap. I got mine from Michael’s. Here is a similar set from Amazon.

Last thing you are going to need, water color paper. Now, this isn’t a necessity but, it does take on water better than if you were to use printer paper. My water color paper pad was only $4 and is really good quality! Here is where you can get it from Amazon. It is also really fun to draw in pre-made drawing. I love watercoloring  in this geometric patterns book that I got from Pat Catans for only $4


Once you have all of your supplies I recommend you swatch all of your colors. This way when you are painting you can easily decide what color you want to use by looking at your swatches. It also is fun to see what your colors actually look like when water is added. 

Get some inspiration from Pinterest by searching “watercolor _____” You can fill the blank in with whatever you want to draw. I started with and diamond, cactus, and a mixed rainbow. Just get a feel for the colors by mixing them and playing around with them before you start your first painting. 

Most importantly, have fun with it! I hope this helped you and I hope now you can start your water color adventures!






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