My Cozy Corner Tour | Room Tour


I love this section of this room! This room is an extra room that was next to my bedroom so, I transformed it into a office, closet, hang out, and filming room for myself. My favorite part of this room is the “cozy corner”. Today I thought I would share this area with you all. After all, this is where  spend most of my time blogging!


This is my adorable pouff! I love this because the colors match this room perfectly and it is a great place to sit and watch TV. This was a total steal from Target for a discounted price of $25! I’ll try to link these items at the end of this post!


I use this super soft blanket as what I sit/lay on instead of the carpet. This woven tray is meant for a desk but I think it look much cuter on the blanket. It’s great for candles or even snacks. The black and white coaster I made is awesome for having mugs of coffee and hot cocoa while watching Netflix 😉


Another little touch I added was this waste basket that I use to hold this extra large blanket. I love using this blanket if i’m cold!


These pillows are to die for! I love the different textures and color. They are also super cozy.


The last touch I added were these sheer curtains (see a better picture at the top of the post). I attached 2 of them to this curved adjustable shower rod from Kmart. The white Christmas lights make it feel much warmer and cozier.I attached them to the curtain with some safety pins.

I hope you enjoyed my mini tour of my favorite part of my room! What was your favorite part?

white blanket | tray | blue blanket | pink pillow | gold pillow | fur pillow | curtains | curved rod




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