Reading Your Face Acne

Everyone breakout in different places on their face. Do you ever wonder why you are breaking out in that specific spot? Well today I’m going to show you a map of my face and tell you what may be causing you are specific acne.


1) Forehead: This acne can be caused by stress or not enough sleep (beauty sleep!). 

2) Above Eyebrow: Here breakouts can occur during/before a cold or flu.

3) Between Eyebrows: In between brows acne is caused by overeating sugar, rich foods, and alcohol.

4) Cheeks: This is effected by your lungs. So,smoking or breathing polluted air could show acne here.

5) Sides of Chin: This spot is effected by hormones. These could occur at the time of your period.

So next time you have a breakout really look at where it is and make the change to try to help it disappear. Well, on #2 & #5 can’t really be changed by you.

Where do your breakouts occur?


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