Coffee Scrub Review | Spruce & Fresh

 I recently received this new scrub from the brand Spruce & Fresh.  I love any skincare products that will soften my skin or defeat the dryness. If you are interested in this product I will leave links down below. This scrub cost $16.

Skin Type: Sensitive (great for me because my face is sensitive to some products)

Use: Daily or Every other day (love using this on my legs almost every day)

Benefits: Gently Moisturizes, restores skin elasticity, antibacterial benefits (I really notice the moisturizing!)


  • smells great 
  • leaves skin feeling soft
  • removes flaky skin 
  • easy to use/apply
  • feels good


  • messy in the shower

My Thoughts

I use this in the shower on my legs and my face. This removes my dry skin patches on my face very gently and feels nice while doing it. It is not expensive and it has great ingredients! This is by far one of the best scrubs I have tried.

Coffee Scrub | Rose Scrub | Ceramics |





2 thoughts on “Coffee Scrub Review | Spruce & Fresh

  1. This sounds absolutely amazing! I have dry skin too, and I am always looking for a scrub that is brilliant for sensitive skin! Do you know if you can get your hands on this anywhere within Australia, or is it just an online purchase? 🙂 Behk xo


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