Easy Fitness Routines


Being fit is very important but it is also pretty hard. Today I am going to share some easy ways that I stay fit without having to even go to the gym or leave my house. If you want some more inspiration to workout check out this post.


This app is a great way to get a workout in without having to go to the gym. Not only can you build up your strength, you can also do yoga, cardio, or stretch. You choose the category and then the amount of time you want to workout for. Each exercise is 30 seconds and you have 5 seconds breaks in between. Great for wherever you are and you really want to get your workout in.

Nike Running

Another app that I have on my phone that I also love! There are tons of running trackers and GPS apps around but I particularly like this one. It displays you your current pace, time, distance, and a map of your route. At the en of your run it will ask you a couple of question of how you felt on the run and the surface you ran on. This is great because you can look back at a certain day and see your conditions. The last great feature is how on the home page of the app it adds up all of your miles ran (you can see mine below).

Squat Challenge (plank, sit-up, push-up)

I am currently doing a squat challenge and on the last day I have to do 200 squats. You can do many different types of challenges. Next I really want to try the plank challenge to get my core stronger. I will leave some pictures down below of the ones you can try!


Yoga is a great way to destress and think. I also like it because it really helps me stretch after running and working out. Some of my favorite moves are: Child’s Pose, Downward Dog, Cat Pose, Wheel, and Cobra. All of these poses and many others have great benefits. It is smart to look up what benefits these poses have and know what kind of yoga you are looking for.

I hope you enjoyed these fun ways to workout and I hope now you will be more encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle!

What is your favorite yoga pose?




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