My Favorite Iphone Apps


I am pretty guilty of being on my phone a lot and my friends always say I have way to many apps. So, today I wanted to put that to use. I love trying out new apps all the time and today I thought I would tell you my favorite apps on my phone at the moment. Let me know what you think!


I thinks that every blogger loves this app. I am always on this searching for inspiration and  looking around for new people to follow. I love taking photos for my Instagram and sharing them with you! If you would like to see my photos you can check me out @cafes.couture (that was the name of my first blog)


This is also a dead giveaway for blogger but, this app is more than just trying to find DIYs for me. I love using this to get inspiration and to save my ideas. I have many different boards and if you want to check them out my username is @skoemil or MissEmilyMarie. 


I swear this is the last un original app on my phone — maybe. I also love this app to find inspirational photos and get ideas for blog posts and my own Instagram posts.

Sim City Build It

Yes, this is a game. It has got to be the most fun game on the app store though. You get to build your city and it actually has taught me some order skills and how to plan stuff out. Just download the game and thank me later. 

Urban Outfitters

I never buy anything off of this app but I love looking around at the new home decor they are always adding. This gives me ideas of DIYs I can do by recreating some of their items. They also have super cute clothes so I love saving things to my wish list and going back once my wallet allows me.


This is my favorite editing app of all time. Many people enjoy this app too! My favorite filters are A5 and F2. Playing around with the exposure, contrast, and temperature also make my photos what they are.


If you love posting on Instagram but hate having to type out your hashtags and caption than this app should be on your phone. With this app you can schedule an Instagram photo to be posted and pre-type the caption. It doesn’t post it for you but will give you a notification that will lead to Instagram and copy the text for you. Love this app for all the photos I take.


If you are trying to learn a new language this app is great. First off it is free. I downloaded this app for extra help in my Spanish class. It helps you get through different lessons and won’t let you go to the next one until you have passed your current lesson. This app really does work! Are you trying to learn a new language? 

What is your favorite app on your phone?


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