5 Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows

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Considering my whole day yesterday consisted of binge-watching Friends on Netflix, I thought I would tell you my favorite shows and movies to watch. If you watch any of these please let me know what you think of them! I would love to chat with you about them 😉


I love any show or movie that is set in New York. I actually just recently started watching this and I am already on season 5 so, I think it is safe to say that this is a total binge show. (I may or may not be watching as I am typing this post!)

Gossip Girl

I have watched this whole show 2 times through because I love it so much! Chuck and Blair for life! 😉 I love this fashion, setting, and drama in every episode. I also cried at the last episode of this show!

The Office

My mom and I watched this show over the summer together and I know so many other people who watch it too. I love it because it isn’t just all a random comedy. It has a storyline and some drama through each episode. My mom even cried on the last episode because of what happens. Also, Jim and Pam are couple goals.

Jane The Virgin

When I started watching this show I thought it was supposed to be a comedy. Boy was I wrong. Yeah, it does have some funny parts but it is packed full of drama that would totally not expect. It currently is still airing on Mondays. So, once you watch all the Netflix seasons, you can catch up on the CW app and then watch on TV.

The Carrie Diaries

Again, this show takes place in New York. Carrie is such a fun young girl who receives the opportunity of a life time while she still balances school, and her boyfriend (who is super cute) I also cried on the last episode of the show. What can I say? When this show ended I really wished there would have been more episodes.

What is your favorite Netflix show?


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