Unboxing TeenYogaBOX Subscription


Today I am going to be reviewing this subscription box! This box is called the Teen Yoga Box. This box is for teen girls to inspire, motivate and build self-esteem and enjoy being a teen while enjoying and trying new products. Each month comes with specially curated products for the growing teen. This is a great to gift to a teen you know that would love to try new products each month to stay motivated and just have time for them selfs. The goal of each box is to help teen girls find their authentic self by exploring items in each box. Each month is a different theme! This month is the the month of self love! If you want more information check out these links! If you are a teen click here. If you are a parent click here.

The first things that I saw when opening the box was a really lovely note! I love when subscription boxes write you notes like this because it gives you a sense that they really care. You can read the note and get a little more information on the meaning of the box. Also, the paper is super cute (bonus!) It also included a note giving a little information on everything inside. 


In each box they include 2 different yoga pose cards with the benefits of each pose on the back. This month Childs Pose and Downward Dog were included. This is super fun I am super excited about trying these poses out and trying to add them into my daily routine.


Now getting into the products that are inside! Yay! The first thing that I pulled out was Sweet Sister’s Body Care “Sacred Earth Spray”. This is a body oil that you use when you get out of the shower or bath and you can massage it into your skin. You can even use it on your hair. This is a great product for my dry skin at the moment so I am very excited to try it out!


The next product is also from Sweet Sister’s Body Care. This is their Fresh Lipmint. I am obsessed with the packaging of it! I tried it the moment I saw it because my lips are taking a hard hit from the cold weather. I feel in love this instant I used it. The actual balm starts to melt on to your lips and it very moisturizing.


The last Sweet Sister’s Body Care product is a “Balance Oil”. You are supposed to apply this oil to your pulse points on your body when you are feeling overwhelmed with emotion or if it is “that time of the month”. This seems like it will be very helpful for me as I get stressed out very easily.


This next product is from an Etsy shop, Kelley Threads. It is an adorable pad and tampon case that you can keep in your backpack or purse without anyone knowing what is inside. It is a super cute design and is slim which is great for being portable.



The last product it comes with is a really helpful to-do pad. It already includes “yoga” and “be awesome” for you. Then, you can fill in 2 of your others. I am going to leave this on my desk because it is cute and helpful!


So that is everything that I received this month and was super happy! I defiantly recommend this to my fellow teens! Also, if you are a parent I know your daughter would love to get this in the mail! Now that I have gotten this box I am motivated to spend more time for myself and to appreciate what I have. Thank you Jennifer Lovely, creator of TeenYogaBOX, for the lovely box! Here is the link to purchase this amazing box! Please let me know if you have tried or are going to try this great box!


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