DIY 1.4.3 Bracelet | Valentines Day Gift Idea


I have seen this bracelet online for a really long time now and have wanted it for so long! This bracelet has a secret message of “I Love You” — 1.4.3 — with the gold beads. I love the simple colors and the fact you can give this as a gift to anyone you love! The one thing  I don’t like about this bracelet is the price. If you would like to see it on the website click here. I am going to recreate this bracelet for way less than that! The supplies are inexpensive and the result is super cute! Keep reading to make this adorable bracelet!

You are going to need:

  • 3 Different Colored Beads – You can use any colors you want but, if you want to recreate the original one use black, white, and gold. Also, your statement beads should be a different size or shape just so they stand out more. Mine were larger in size and a metal looking finish.
  • Elastic Cord – Using this makes it very simple to take on and off without having to add any hardware. I got mine in a metallic silver but, the color doesn’t matter as much because it beads will be covering it.

Total Cost: $12 

What to do: (pictures in order below)

  1. Start by measuring your wrist or get measurements for who you are giving this to. Cut about an extra 2 inches than what your wrist size measures.
  2. Tape one side of the cut piece of cord to a flat surface so beads don’t come off of the end when you are stringing them.
  3. You can now string your beads on. The rule that I followed was to make each side symmetrical. Here is my pattern (in order of stringing):

4 black, 5 white, 4 black,1 gold, 2 white, 4 gold, 2 white, 3 gold, 4 black, 5 white, 4 black

    4.   Once you have that pattern stringed on (you can create your own pattern, just make       sure you have the golds that same) you can start to finish it off!

     5.  Take the two ends and tie them 2-3 times and cut off the extra hanging cord.

Click the Images For a Larger View!



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