DIY Succulent Terrarium


I love this little planter that I made! It only took about 8 minutes to make and I already had all of the materials at home. Want to learn how to make this adorable planter? Then keep reading down below! I hope you enjoy!

What You Need:

  • glass container (i used this cool candle holder)
  • fake succulent(s)
  • small rocks (bought from craft store) – use can always get some from nature 😉 – 
  • vase filler (got mine from target)
  • glitter


What to Do:

  1. Start with a clean container to hold your terrarium
  2. For your first layer, add your small rocks
  3. 2nd layer: vase filler
  4. 3rd layer: glitter
  5. 4th layer: rocks and vase filler
  6. 5th layer: glitter (you get the point by now?)
  7. Just simply do multiple layers by alternating rocks, filler, and glitter
  8. At the end I ended with glitter and stuck my fake succulent on top
  9. Voila! As simple as that, and cute!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY planter! This is a great piece to display around your house or in your room. You can do this to a larger container and add more succulents if you like the look of it. There is no upkeep to this if you use a fake succulent (which i recommend)! If you make this make sure to tag me in an Instagram photo. I would love to see what you do with this!


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